“…(his) legacy is vast and deep and bright.” John Wilcox, Nov 9, 1941 – Jun 15, 2012

John Wilcox farmed on Salt Spring Island at Duck Creek Farm with his partner Sue Earle.  John and Sue were very supportive of the Farmer’s Filmanac project, because they saw the value in sharing knowledge in community and supporting each other.  About three weeks before his passing John invited me back to the farm because he wanted to share some more knowledge for the filmanac.

It is a reality that the average age of a farmer in BC is 56, and it is a reality that these wise folks who have learned so much about the land are passing on.  Though we have lost a unique and exceptional member of the farming community, I feel lucky to have captured some more of John’s vast knowledge on video.  Though an achingly poor substitute to the well of knowledge and jovial sparkle that he had in life, those who have not had the pleasure to meet him can partake in some of this through video.  I’m so grateful to have spent time with such a wise and absolutely fun person.

From his obituary “John Daniel Wilcox’s legacy is vast and deep and bright.”

The below video can also be found in the “Hardware and Tools” section of the videos.

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