Growing Farmers Project – CRFAIR videos

A series of three videos created on contract for CRFAIR (Capital Regional Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable) about the issues of access to farmland, challenges for new growers, and new programs underway from CRFAIR.  The second video is definitely my favourite!

Thanks to all the farmers and policy makers that were interviewed and thanks to Linda Geggie for all your hard work on this project and many others!  Everyone pulled together on a super tight deadline, and helped to share their thoughts on a huge topic that had to fit into a 10min video – I hope you enjoy!

Check it out, here it is super-compressed for youtube quality:

A 5 minute video highlighting the challenges of new growers in the Capital Regional District of Southern Vancouver Island. The Capital Regional Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable is looking at different ways to support new growers.
Please watch and share! It is important for everyone to realize how difficult it can be for new growers starting out, and what kind of things they need in order to have a successful farming business – we need them to succeed if we want local food!


Here is an overview of most of the projects that were undertaken for the Growing New Farmers Program that CR-FAIR has been working on – check out CR-FAIR and all the great stuff they are working on in the Capital Region


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